Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy governs the terms of visitors (hereinafter, the “Users”) of the website (hereinafter, the “Website”). This Privacy Policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”) includes also all annexes and amendments thereto.

Effective text hereof is allocated at:

When using the Website and/or any of its elements and/or functional features, uploading information on the Website in compliance with established requirements You fully accept conditions of this Policy and provide your definite consent with processing of your data by the ways and for the purposes, stipulated herein. Should you be against with this Policy, please refrain from using the Website and/or any of its elements and/or features.

Innova Distribution LLC (hereinafter, “Innova”) is entitled from time to time to amend and/or alter this Policy without prior written notification of the Users. New version hereof shall be allocated at You should familiarize with this Policy once in three calendar days in order to determine, whether there have been introduced any amendments and/or alterations. Should You continue using the Website and/or any elements thereof and/or any features thereof after amendment of this document, You confirm your consent with the new edition of the Policy.

1. Purposes of processing the Users’ data

Data as provided by the Users due to the Website and/or its elements and/or its features use are processed by Innova and/or its affiliates.

Your data shall be processed for the purposes, including, inter alia, the following:

  • — Fixing bugs, modification of the Website and/or its elements and/or features, elaboration of new interactive services;
  • — Interaction with the Users for the purposes of receiving comments in respect to the Website and/or its elements and/or features, maintenance of the Website;
  • — Provision of the Users with notifications and other important messages in relation to the Website and/or its elements and/or features;
  • — Analysis of correctness and effectiveness of the Website and other accompanying services functioning;
  • — Provision of the possibility to deliver requests, uploading information and/or documents, carrying out other types of contacts with Innova;
  • — Receipt, processing and verification of requests, letters as sent by the Users or carrying out other types of contacts with Innova;
  • — Provision of the Users with technical assistance;
  • — Informing of future events, related to the Website, Innova, their amendments and similar events.

2. Users’ data, which Innova collects and processes

2.1. General provisions

Innova and/or its affiliates collect those data on Users, which the Users’ and/or other individuals based on the Users’ requests or on their consent add in respective forms and/or data input fields within the Website, if applicable, as well as passively collected statistics data.

For the purposes of providing high quality services Innova collects and processes additional non-individual (non-personal) data. Such data includes: unique identifier of user’s device and features of software, name and version of the operating system, device type and hardware identifiers, timezone, information on User’s activity within the Website (Website activities’ journal, time spent within the Website, time of last Website visit, information on visiting the Website, etc.).

Moreover, for the purposes of providing You with services and information, available from the respective territory, where You reside, Innova can collect information on your IP-address and geographic location of a device, through which the Website is accessed.

2.2. Cookies. Yandex.Metriсa

Cookies are small pieces of information stored by your internet browser on your computer’s hard drive. Like most website providers, Innova uses cookies to make a link between you and the information you have provided to our website and therefore provide you with personalized content so that we can give you a better experience when you return. In order to benefit from such features, You should accept and enable the use of cookies.

By activating the cookies feature of your browser you agree and consent to the data collection and processing as explained herein.

Innova uses so-called authorization cookies, which are intended to store information and data submitted by the User on the websites of Innova, in order to avoid you from multiple and/or repeated submission of such data in a single visit session or longer, if you wish, which increases the comfort of using websites. Such data are stored for no longer than 15 days from the last visit of the User.

The User provides its consent for processing of data on current connection from the standpoint of statistics information, as collected through the Website and/or Innova websites and mechanisms of third-party cookies — Yandex.Metrica.

Yandex.Metrica, a web analysis and click-tracking service of LLC Yandex, located at 16 Lva Tolstogo St, Moscow, 119021. Yandex.Metrica is intended to collect anonymous data on visits of the Website for the purposes of better understanding of website visitors’ behavior and improvement of such website functioning. For further details on collection of your data by the Yandex.Metrica service please refer to Terms of Use of Yandex.Metriсa service at:, as well as the Privacy Policy at:

3. Use, distribution and transfer of data

Innova may combine (collate, assemble) and use combined Users’ data along with other information (including other data as collected by Innova and defined in Section 3 hereof) for the purposes of ensuring due functioning, management and development of the Website.

Innova is entitled to, inter alia, when required for the purposes of ensuring due and effective functioning of the Website and accompanying services, provide Your data to its affiliates, partners, provided that the latter are subject to binding obligations related to non-disclosure of the Users’ data.

In addition, Your data may be provided to third parties in the below cases:

  • — When required for the purposes of compliance with legislation, e.g., investigation of fraud and/or other illegal activities;
  • — When there exists reasonable doubt in respect to potential or existing breach of Innova’s rights, rights of its affiliates or other Users for the purposes of protecting the affected party;
  • — In the event there is threatening or committed a breach of intellectual rights and/or any other rights of Innova and/or any third parties, as well as effective legal acts.

Innova does not sell your data to any third parties.

Innova processes only those data, which correlate to the purposes of their processing; Innova does not process excessive data on Users.

4. Data storing

Timeframes for processing and storing of the Users’ data shall be determined based on the purposes for which such information is collected, unless stipulated otherwise by the effective legislation (e.g., for the accounting purposes and/or in order to comply with effective laws).

5. Other obligations of the parties

The User is responsible for completeness and accuracy of the data as provided by him/her. In the event of discrepancies and/or incorrectness of the data as provided by the User, such data shall be amended, including by way of approaching Innova experts, as referred to in Section 8 “Contact details”. Innova shall not be liable for inaccuracy, incompleteness, unreasonableness of the data as provided by the User.

The User hereby warrants that all the information as provided by it to Innova, as well as allocated on the Website, have been received by it based on legal grounds, including, inter alia, comply with the laws of the Russian Federation on personal data.

When deleting and/or amendment of the Users’ data, Innova reserves its right to store the data, which is necessary for the purposes of compliance with applicable legislation and ensuring correct functioning of the Website, protection of Users and other third parties.

Use of the Website and/or separate elements and/or features thereof in breach hereof and/or applicable legal acts is prohibited.

Innova shall bear no liability for the Users’ breach of this Policy and/or effective legal acts, as well as for any damage which occurred, inter alia, due to illegal acts (omission) of third parties; interruptions in the Website functioning and/or incorrect functioning of the Website; interruptions of the Internet connection; carrying out operational investigations and/or other activities by state or local authorities, which may result in limitations of the Users’ rights; imposing bans and/or taking other measures, which limit the Website functioning by the state and/or local authorities.

6. Allocation of information, documents and/or other materials by the Users; Website use by the Users

In the event the Website features provide for the possibility of uploading documents and/or other materials by the Users, the User is entitled to upload only those documents and/or other materials, rights to use which lawfully belong to the User.

The User is solely and fully liable for breach of any third-party rights and/or effective legal acts when allocating information, documents and/or other materials on the Website, as well as for using the Website and/or its elements and/or features.

The User shall be prohibited from allocation on the Website of the information, documents and/or materials, which, inter alia:

  • — Violate effective legal acts and/or rights of third parties;
  • — Are of advertising nature;
  • — Contain defamation, insults, discrimination upon any grounds, are hateful, call for overturn of foundations of the constitutional system, taking other illegal actions, violate generally recognized principles and rules of morality and ethics, prejudice rights of ethnical, social, gender groups and/or minorities, contain rude, offensive, strong language, comparison and expressions;
  • — Violate rights and/or threaten minors and/or disabled people, inflict damage to any third parties, cause their moral sufferings and/or emotional distress;
  • — Are false and/or misleading, contradict the reality;
  • — Constitute the User’s impersonation;
  • — Contain viruses and/or any other harmful files, codes and/or programs;
  • — Contain materials of erotic, pornographic, provocative, non-ethical nature;
  • — Provide for non-authorized access to third-party data, including, inter alia, personal and/or confidential data;
  • — Contain hyperlinks on and/or materials from websites, which are banned on the territory of Russia;
  • — Impede correct functioning of the Website and/or elements and/or features thereof.

The User shall not be entitled to copy, reproduce, distribute, process, publish, etc. any materials, allocated within the Website, elements and/or features of the Website, materials and/or documents, allocated on the Website by third parties, including, inter alia, other Users.

Innova reserves the right to delete documents, information and/or materials as uploaded by the User, or block access thereto without prior notice to the User and with no prior coordination with such User, in the event of reasonable suspicions that the User violated this Policy, including, but not limited to, based on the claims of third parties, state and/or local authorities. In cases, stipulated by law, Innova is entitled to pass information on such User to the above third parties and/or state and/or local authorities.

7. Personal data protection

Innova implements due measures in accordance with the effective legislation on protection of the Users’ personal data and requires entities, which obtained access to such personal data, not to disclose and not to distribute personal data without consent of the personal data subject, unless stipulated otherwise by the federal laws.

When processing personal data Innova implements necessary legal, organizational and technical measures for protection of personal data from unlawful or accidental access to them, their destroy, amendment, blocking, copying, provision, distribution, as well as other illegal actions in respect to personal data.

For the purposes of ensuring due protection of the Users’ personal data Innova undertakes, inter alia, below measures: determines threats to personal data within their processing within informational systems of personal data, carries out evaluation of effectiveness in relation to security measures for personal data protection, determines acts of unlawful access to personal data and takes measures, exercises control over security measures to protect personal data, reinstates personal data, limits access to them.

8. Contact details

In the event You have any questions in respect to this Policy or processing of your data, You may contact Innova at the address contained in the Website footer, phone number: +7 (495) 221-91-55, e-mail: Your inquiry should contain Your name and other information, required for universal and full resolving of Your issue.