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Game publishing

We cover every aspect of a project’s launch and management. It ensures that the developers do not have to bring in additional resources to support the game.
01 Localization
We are responsible for the whole localization process: we work on texts, images, video content and voice-over. Our team of editors makes a translation, we record audio files in a studio, and then implement the localized content into the game client with the help of the developers.
02 Community management
Every project is run by a team of community managers who are on first-name terms with the audience. They understand the community and always know how to maintain players’ interest. Before launching a game we prepare community management resources: open a section on 4game forum, create a group in "VKontakte", make Twitch accounts, etc. There we promote the project, working in collaboration with video bloggers, streamers, and administrators of popular public pages.
03 Monetization
Our managers devise profit-generating strategies, taking into consideration the features of the Russian market and players’ interests.
04 Analytics
Our analytics department processes a huge mass of data — more than 10 TB — and uses modern solutions for analysis. We utilize cloud storages, perform data analysis and create reports with Power BI, use the latest versions of SQL Server Enterprise for data storage and processing on the local services.
05 Marketing and PR
The marketing and PR department develops a product positioning strategy in Russia and the CIS, chooses promotion platforms and tools, informs the media about important stages of the product launch, distributes promo materials and arranges activities, such as live streams, articles, and reviews.
06 Billing system
Our stable billing system can be easily integrated in any new project. The extensive coverage allows us to accept payments via numerous payment systems.
07 Security system
Our security system detects and blocks any third-party software that interferes with the gaming process.
08 Server infrastructure
When we launch a project in Russia or the CIS, we create a standalone server infrastructure and provide 24/7 support.
09 Quality assurance
Our QA specialists maintain the quality of our projects. Aside from looking for bugs and preventing various issues, they also put a lot of effort into improving our games together with project teams and developers.
10 Support
We have a customer support team who answers users’ questions, manages the knowledge database and processes the tickets. These specialists deal with both technical issues and questions about the gaming process.


4game is a platform featuring computer games and a game store — all in a single web service.
Fast project launch
We release new games following the similar process, thus we always know how to integrate it, what kind of materials we need to prepare, how to run tests and set up a pre-order.
Simple installation
Every game is downloaded, installed and launched in a similar way. You only need to install a game once to understand how this process works.
Constant development
We implement features to attract and retain users on a regular basis. 4game already has rankings, single games section, and other additional features for our players.
Among our games are global MMO-hits:
Blade & Soul
Lineage 2
Point Blank
Ragnarök Online
RF Online
A beautiful MMORPG with epic battles on earth and in the sky. The action takes place on a planet split in two where two winged races — light and dark — live in constant struggle with each other.
Blade & Soul
A next-generation action/MMO game with spectacular fights and seductive characters. It features an enticing world sprung from ancient Korean, Chinese, and Japanese myths and legends.
Lineage 2
The MMO legend with massive battles and an extensive universe where anyone can turn out to be a friend or foe. It is one of the best-loved PvP games in the world, featuring bloody clan wars and a dueling system.
Point Blank
An online shooter game where you play either spec ops or rebels fighting each other. Point Blank is one of the major e-sports games in and out of Russia, with the tournaments being organized every day.
Ragnarök Online
Return of the legendary MMORPG with balanced PvP, hardcore leveling system, fierce MvP battles, bloody guild wars, and — the last but not the least — charming Porings.
RF Online
An MMORPG set in a world where magic meets technology, powerful spells can destroy robots, and warriors armed with swords and axes stand against rocket launchers.
Our partners
We work with the world’s leaders of the gaming industry from South Korea, China, Japan, and Europe. Together with the developers we organize offline tournaments and events, create unique in-game content for Russian players. If necessary, we make modifications to adapt a project for the Russian market.